House Decor

Wedding Gates

Here at Doli Events, we enjoy being innovative and creative with our wedding gates and are pleased to be one of the leading wedding gate providers for Asian weddings in the North East.

Each gate is carefully planned and, working closely with our client’s theme, location and aspirations – we can design, build and create intricate and illumine gates that exude brilliance. We have a huge range of mehndi, wedding and walima gates at competitive rates.

House lighting & Gobos

Wedding lights add that special warmth and radiance to a wedding house or venue, as well as beautifully complementing a wedding gate.

Our LED warm white lights will bring alive and sparkle your event. Whether you would like the whole house lit up luminously or prefer a simple glow at the entrance with lanterns and lights, Doli Events can provide you with exceptional lighting.

Our customised gobos provide a special touch to any event by projecting logos and messages onto most surfaces.

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